Park Connector Network: Wayfinding Design

Wayfinding Design
I designed a set of branding and wayfinding design guidelines to provide a fresh outlook for our park connectors.

Land Transport Authority
National Parks Board
Urban Redevelopment Authority


2 Months

My Role

Wayfinding Design



The Discovery

This project started with an observation made while I was strolling in my neighbourhood.

I was intrigued by the signages along the Park Connector Network (pcn). Upon extensive research on the history of pcn and Singapore's 'Garden City' motto, I felt that there was room to rejuvenate its current branding and wayfinding design.

The Development

The concept of the project aims to bridge the past, present and future of pcn with Singapore’s existing 'City In A Garden' and 'Walk Cycle Ride' initiative.
Types Of Usage

Recreational refers to users who use the pcn as a means to travel for leisure. Commuting refers to users who use the pcn as a means to travel to their choice of destinations.

Wayfinding Principles

Direct provides optimum navigational aids to users. Signs are easily identifiable with colours and clear typography. Safe ensures accessibility for all our users when using the pcn. Interpretive promotes an educational experience for our users by raising the awareness of Singapore’s ‘City In A Garden’.


    Legibility concerns text messaging on the sign, whereby it is clear and concise. Adaptability concerns the modularity of the signage. Sustainability concerns its easy maintenance without material wastage.

      Adaptable Signage Grid-System

      Inspired by form over function, Adaptable Signage Grid-System serves as a guide for a flexible and consistent signage design. Each section of the signage is designed to be modular and tiled in square grids. Its modularity and hassle-free assembly initiate easy maintenance without replacing the entire signage.

      Did You Know?

      Did You Know? is an interpretive panel for users to learn more about our parks’ key attractions and heritage. Users will be guided to use a Trail Marker to navigate to the key attraction. Through this wayfinding process, it can raise our users’ awareness of Singapore’s ‘City In A Garden’.